2021 Ford F-150 MPG: Big EcoBoost Engine Not as Economical as Expected

Ford F-150 MPG

Once again we’re testing the 2021 Ford F-150 mpg only this time it’s not a hybrid powertrain! Our Ford F-150 fuel economy test vehicle came dressed in the big daddy Limited trim without the electric motor/generator attached to its twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6. How will our Ford F-150 gas mileage result compare to our test of the hybrid option?

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The powertrain in the Limited produces 400 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque for the 2021 and 2022 model years. An interesting fact is the 2019 and 2020 model years were awarded the high-output tune for a total of 450 horsepower; sorry to those who care, supposedly Ford didn’t want that much power to step on the hybrid’s toes.

Our test of the Ford F-150 Hybrid mpg found the electrified powertrain to travel about 24 miles per gallon which was right with the EPA’s estimate. Charlie found the Ford F-150 mpg in the non-hybrid truck with a 3.55 rear end ratio to travel only 19 miles per every gallon consumed. Interestingly, the EPA‘s estimate for this truck was 23 mpg, so why the large difference?

Our truck was equipped with 22-inch wheels and was tested in the winter. It’s possible the heavy wheels and cold air could account for a bit of a negative factor toward our result, but it’s also rumored the naturally aspirated five-liter V-8 gets a better number for Ford F-150 mpg because the EcoBoost engines are always in boost under realistic driving conditions.

When equipped with the 23-gallon fuel tank and if we round up to 20 mpg, you can expect to travel about 460 miles on a tank of fuel. If you choose to go for the optional 36-gallon fuel tank then that range expectation shoots up to 720 miles of range. Thanks for reading our test of the Ford F-150 fuel economy!

Watch Our Test of the Ford F-150 Fuel Economy

How We Test the Ford F-150 Gas Mileage

Daily Motor‘s real-world highway fuel economy test of the Ford F-150 mpg consists of over 50 miles of consistent highway driving. We fill the truck using the “three-click method,” meaning running the gas pump on super fast flow until it clicks, waiting ten seconds, running low flow until it clicks again, waiting another ten seconds, then running low flow one last time. The lowest octane fuel accepted by the vehicle’s manufacturer is used during our test of the Ford F-150 fuel economy. We then drive on public highway in one direction and then back in the opposite direction, attempting not to draft or drive aggressively. We set the cruise control during our test of the Ford F-150 gas mileage at a GPS-indicated 73 MPH in an attempt to achieve a moving average speed of 70 MPH over the entire test. Upon return to the gas station, we refill at the same gas pump as the initial fill using the same method. Miles per gallon is determined by dividing total miles traveled by fuel consumed. In cases where our observed figure of the Ford F-150 mpg differs greatly from the vehicle’s indicated figure and/or EPA’s estimate, we may recommend a number in between or plan to retest the vehicle. Thanks for reading our Ford F-150 mileage test!

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