2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid MPG: Highway MPG Almost Comparable to EcoBoost

Ford Maverick Hybrid mpg

As this 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid mpg story was written, all 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid trucks are sold out until Ford builds more for the 2023 model year. Even the author’s co-worker is having a hard time finding availability and having to resort to asking dealers far and wide if they have any walk-away Maverick hybrid trucks waiting for a home. This is an impressive feat from the ballsy decision by Ford to produce a truck with a standard, front-wheel drive, hybrid powertrain that isn’t any larger than an Escape SUV with the same powertrain options available. It’s safe to say the all-new award-winning Maverick captures the heart of Americans and notes are being taken down by other manufacturers to get started on making their own competing trucks in this eighth-ton(?) pickup segment. So, for the hybrid Maverick what can we expect for highway fuel economy? Can Ford keep their promise of a 40 MPG pickup?

When the EPA tested the Ford Maverick hybrid mpg, they claim a 42 city/33 highway Ford Maverick hybrid fuel economy rating which calculates out to an average of 37 MPG combined. Technically, that does keep Ford’s promise of a 40 MPG truck! During our testing of the Maverick hybrid mileage, we were pleased to verify the claim and find our test vehicle to deliver 33 MPG on the highway! Multiply that Ford Maverick hybrid gas mileage result by the conservatively-sized 13.8-gallon fuel tank and you can expect to receive an effective Ford Maverick hybrid cruising range of 450 miles between fills if you’re not in the middle of Nevada where gas stations are scarce.

Our test of the 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid mpg revealed the Maverick hybrid to let a bit of road noise from other cars in due to a lack of double-laminated glass for the front windows, though if you opt for the Lariat trim that luxury is thrown in. Charlie and Chris Brower found the CVT to be smooth on the hybrid Maverick and to give a nice, smooth highway cruise for the price point! If you’re wondering how the Maverick hybrid fuel economy compares to the non-hybrid Maverick, check out our test of the EcoBoost-powered Ford Maverick mpg on YouTube or when we post it on our website tomorrow!

Watch Our Real-World Test of the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Fuel Economy:

How We Test the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Gas Mileage:

Daily Motor‘s real-world highway fuel economy test of the 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid mpg consists of over 100 miles of consistent highway driving. We fill this hybrid truck using the “three-click method,” meaning running the gas pump on super fast flow until it clicks, waiting ten seconds, running low flow until it clicks again, waiting another ten seconds, then running low flow one last time. The lowest octane fuel accepted by the vehicle’s manufacturer is used. We then drive 50 miles on public highway in one direction and then back in the opposite direction, attempting not to draft or drive aggressively. We set the cruise control during our Ford Maverick hybrid gas mileage test at GPS-indicated 73 MPH in an attempt to achieve a moving average speed of 70 MPH over the entire test. Upon return to the gas station, we refill at the same gas pump as the initial fill using the same method. Miles per gallon is determined by dividing total miles traveled by fuel consumed. In cases where our observed figure differs greatly from the vehicle’s indicated figure and/or EPA’s estimate, we may recommend a number in between or plan to retest this Ford Maverick hybrid fuel economy.

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