Tesla Model Y Will Be a Just-right-size Electric Crossover

Model Y vs Model 3 Size
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Tesla has been on a tear over the last few years. In 2019, it sold just over 160,000 Model 3s according to Good Car Bad Car, building on 2018’s success of 140,000 units. The momentum looks to keep rolling into 2020 as Tesla prepares to deliver its Model Y crossover to the masses. Unveiled in early 2019, we knew the Model Y would be based on the Model 3 sedan platform, but thanks to some new photos, we can now see its proportions compared to the existing Model X crossover.

Tesla Model Y at supercharger next to Model X.
Photo from Teslarati

The folks over at Teslarati received an anonymous photo of a covered Model Y parked at a Supercharger about 55 miles from Tesla’s Freemont factory in central California. Compared to the Model X, the Y stands about the same height (the Model X is about 66 inches tall depending on air-suspension settings). Other dimensions seem similar as well, although we don’t have a good comparison photo at other angles.

Tesla Model Y covered at supercharger.
Photo from Teslarati

The Model Y is shaping up to be just what the doctor ordered for many mainstream buyers who want an electric vehicle but need the versatility of a crossover form factor. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more expensive than a base Model 3; as of January 2020, prices start at $39,000 for a rear-wheel drive model with an expected EPA range of 230 miles. It’s tough to make an apples-to-apples base-price comparison between the Y and the 3 because Tesla doesn’t list the base Model 3 on their website. However, we can compare long-range all-wheel-drive models.

Tesla Model 3 AWD long-range price.
Tesla Model Y AWD long-range price.

A $3000 difference in price likely won’t scare away too many buyers at $50,000, but you also lose over 40 miles of estimated range between the Y and the 3. However, for those who have been wanting to pick up a new Tesla but haven’t been able to live with the size of the 3 or the price of the X, the Model Y might turn out to be the sweet spot.

Check out Teslarati’s coverage of the photos here.

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