2019 Honda Passport Elite AWD: Video Test Drive Review

2019 Honda Passport grey driver front

Honda revived the Passport name in 2019.

Base prices range from $33,110 for a FWD Sport to $44,800 for this top-level AWD Elite.

The Passport provides a great middle ground between the three-row Pilot and compact CR-V.


Honda has earned itself a solid reputation for making reliable, competent, and desirable SUVs. The Pilot and the CR-V have been staples in Honda’s lineup and in the crossover market for the last two decades. Building on this success, Honda revived the Passport nameplate for 2019. TheTopher got behind the wheel for some driving impressions. Check it out!

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The video is filmed with binaural audio recording, so headphones provide a great experience—almost ASMR like.

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