2021 Cadillac Escalade MPG: Luxury Pays at the Pump

2021 Cadillac escalade mpg

For 2021, GM gave an exciting refresh to its notorious full-size SUV range: the Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, and, perhaps most importantly, the Escalade. Most consumers are only aware of these trucks because their kids regard them as the ultimate in family comfort and shoulder space. These theaters-on-wheels have been saving marriages since the 1990s, with the Escalade showing up in 1999 as a competitor to the mutually unnecessary 1998 Lincoln Navigator. For 2021, the Escalade received not only a distinct refresh but also a new fully independent rear suspension, replacing the outdated solid axle. This provides an even softer Cadillac ride and better control at high speeds. Daily Motor had an Escalade on loan, and since these big rigs are often used for eating highway miles, it was pertinent to see what we could get for the Cadillac Escalade’s mpg.

Equipped with a similar 6.2-liter V-8 to that found in the C8 Corvette, the 2021 Cadillac Escalade mpg came to one gallon of gasoline every 19 miles driven. 19 mpg, which is also the exact number advertised by the EPA, is really not bad considering these trucks weigh almost three tons. Interestingly, both Car and Driver and the EPA report that the 2020 Escalade gets 21 mpg on the highway—that’s a 10% loss in mileage for the new model. There is a 3.0-liter diesel option coming later this year for regular road-trippers. That model should see a number around 26 mpg, but chances are if you’re looking to save your finances then suck it up and get a Tahoe or Yukon.

Families can expect to travel 450 miles on a tank of fuel in the standard Escalade or 530 miles in the even-more-spacious Escalade ESV thanks to its 4.3-gallon-larger tank. Furthermore, if the diesel motor achieves its EPA estimate, it would stretch its range to 620 miles and the ESV to a whopping 730 miles. By the way, we just learned ESV stands for “Escalade Stretch Vehicle,” in case anyone was wondering.

How We Test

Daily Motor’s real-world highway-fuel-economy test consists of over 100 miles of consistent highway driving. We fill the car using the “three-click method,” meaning running the gas pump on high flow until it clicks, waiting 10 seconds, running low flow until it clicks again, waiting another 10 seconds, then running low flow one last time. The lowest-octane fuel accepted by the vehicle’s manufacturer is used. We then drive 50 miles on public highway in one direction and then back in the opposite direction, attempting not to draft or drive aggressively. We set the cruise control at GPS-indicated 72 mph in an attempt to achieve a moving average speed of 70 mph over the entire test. Upon return to the gas station, we refill at the same gas pump as the initial fill using the same method. Miles per gallon is determined by dividing total miles traveled by fuel used. In cases where our observed figure differs greatly from the vehicle’s indicated figure and/or EPA’s estimate, we may recommend a number in between or plan to retest the vehicle.

To see the full 2021 Cadillac Escalade mpg test, click here:

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