2022 Honda Civic Audio Test: New Bose Scores High Despite Apparent Tire Noise

Honda Civic Bose Audio
Honda Civic Bose Audio

For the first time, Honda collabed with Bose to manufacture a new premium Honda Civic audio system. The 2022 Civic is the only Honda at this time to receive Bose treatment for a sound system that is anything but pitiful compared to both previous and current Honda audio systems. The Honda Accord scored only a 4/10 during this test and proved to be pitiful compared to the competition. Given Honda’s track record of building sound systems themselves, we’re hopeful this new Honda Civic Bose system will help Honda understand the importance of a good sound system.

In the 2022 Honda Civic audio system, you get basic tuning adjustments, Bose Centerpoint which creates an artificial surround sound experience, and Bose Dynamic Speed Compensation. Available inputs in the Honda Civic infotainment are AM/FM/XM radio, Bluetooth, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, and two USB-A ports. Unfortunately, there are no USB-C ports, disc player, or 3.5 mm auxiliary jacks. The 2022 Civic Bose system is a 12-speaker setup which includes a center-mounted decklid subwoofer. The watt output surprisingly has not been released by Honda or Bose. Thankfully for the eleventh generation, Honda gave back the volume knob to the Honda Civic audio system so consumers can easily and effortlessly adjust the volume on the 2022 Honda Civic Bose system without having to impatiently tap up and down like the last generation.

Honda Civic Stereo Thoughts

Previously, Honda released Civic audio and other model audio systems that were largely unimpressive, but for 2022, that’s changed with the Bose audio system. Objectively speaking, this Civic receives a 7/10 by our review, but when compared to competing manufacturers and after factoring in the price range, this Civic Bose system gets an 8/10 overall. We’re excited to finally say Honda has gotten their act together when it comes to their product’s audio systems and we can’t wait to see what else is released in time when the Bose hopefully works its way into other models.

Watch the 2022 Honda Civic Bose Audio Test:

How We Test the 2022 Honda Civic Sound System

Here at Daily Motor, we take sound systems seriously. We take every segment’s system, from the economy Toyota Corolla JBL to sedans like this Honda Civic Bose system, and put them through our in-depth sound-system testing. We use the same lossless, uncompressed WAV audio files on a USB stick plugged into the audio system to test the Honda Civic sound system so that every platform we test starts from the same baseline. To give a realistic impression for the sound test, we use high-quality binaural microphones for recording. We test every system with its sound settings set to their factory settings, since that is how the radio’s engineers designed it to sound, but we test all the sound settings on many types of music before performing these reviews. After demonstrating the sound settings, adjustments, inputs, speaker locations, and Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay functionality, we start out on the road to listen to our sample tracks at freeway speeds. Most vehicles can sound good while stationary, but road, wind, and engine noise can deteriorate music quality. At the end of the test, we give a rating based on audio quality and overall system usage as well as a subjective rating factoring in vehicle attributes and cost. Thanks for joining us in the 2022 Honda Civic sound test!

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