2020 Nissan Versa Video Test Drive Review

2020 Nissan Versa POV
  • New redesign looks worlds better than the previous Versa.
  • While no longer the cheapest car in the United States, it’s still affordable at $17,640.
  • A manual and a hatchback would really excite us.

TheTopher is back with with a point-of-view drive and review of the redesigned Nissan Versa. He does a great job covering all aspects of the car, which is easy to do given the Versa’s small size. Is the well-designed interior and exterior enough to win over TheTopher’s heart? Click below to find out.

The video is filmed with binaural audio recording, so headphones provide a great experience—almost ASMR like.

If you like his review, be sure to check out his other drives, including this one on the 2020 Nissan Rogue SL. Also be sure to check out Daily Motor’s YouTube channel here.

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