2022 Ford Maverick MPG: Ford’s New Pickup Continues to Surprise

Ford Maverick MPG

The Ford Maverick has taken the US market by storm selling out in the first year in the hybrid trim due to amazing fuel economy numbers from the Ford Maverick mpg result. We were so impressed by this we had to find out for ourselves if the Maverick was as great as it seems, so we bought one! As our DailyMotor long-term test vehicle, we of course had to find what the 2022 Ford Maverick fuel economy came out to be while in our fleet. So far in our care, the Maverick has just completed it’s break-in miles and we’ve become charmed by its size and capability for such a reasonable price bracket. Ours came equipped with the XLT trim including a 4K Tow Package, FX4 Off-Road Package, and 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged inline-four powering all four wheels.

During our testing of the Ford Maverick mpg, we simultaneously completed a test of the 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid mpg and found that to confirm the EPA fuel economy rating of 33 mpg on the highway. The expectation usually is that hybrid powertrains benefit fuel economy in the city with the electric motor usually assisting most at low speeds. What we wanted to find out is how our all-wheel-drive 2022 Ford Maverick fuel economy would compare to the front-wheel-drive Ford Maverick Hybrid fuel economy, so we took them along the same route at the same time.

At the end of our Ford Maverick gas mileage test, we found our long-term test vehicle to travel 30 mpg. The EPA claimed 29 mpg so it was very nice to find this little truck to match and even get better fuel economy on the highway than many cars and other small SUVs. This means you can plan to fill up every 490 miles on the highway during long trips! During our test of the Ford Maverick mpg, we found there to be some tire noise we could hear from the car in the next lane but that’s to be expected with other things we can expect from a vehicle at this price point, especially a truck. Altogether, the 2022 Ford Maverick fuel economy test revealed to us that there is the possibility of having all the truck you need for less than $30,000.

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How We Test the 2022 Ford Maverick Gas Mileage:

Daily Motor‘s real-world highway fuel economy test of the 2022 Ford Maverick mpg consists of over 100 miles of consistent highway driving. We fill this pickup using the “three-click method,” meaning running the gas pump on super fast flow until it clicks, waiting ten seconds, running low flow until it clicks again, waiting another ten seconds, then running low flow one last time. The lowest octane fuel accepted by the vehicle’s manufacturer is used. We then drive 50 miles on public highway in one direction and then back in the opposite direction, attempting not to draft or drive aggressively. We set the cruise control at GPS-indicated 73 MPH in an attempt to achieve a moving average speed of 70 MPH over the entire test. Upon return to the gas station, we refill at the same gas pump as the initial fill using the same method. Miles per gallon is determined by dividing total miles traveled by fuel consumed. In cases where our observed figure differs greatly from the vehicle’s indicated figure and/or EPA’s estimate, we may recommend a number in between or plan to retest the Ford Maverick gas mileage.

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