2022 Ford Maverick Sound Test: Once Again, a Great Bargain!

2022 Ford Maverick Sound Test

As time rolls on, this new truck we performed our 2022 Ford Maverick sound test on proves to further capture the eye of automotive shoppers. The new Ford Maverick offers a truck-like package to a market that usually isn’t offered anything near truck capabilities. Ford hit it out of the park by taking a crossover platform ideology like the Honda Ridgeline but sizing it down a bit and offering it as a truck at a hard to refuse price. This truck starts at just twenty-grand and that’s with a hybrid powertrain offered as standard which further saves buyers money at the pump for an all-around budget experience out of a brand-new truck! It’s safe to say the repeating theme of this new Ford truck is that it’s offered as a cheap vehicle to Americans.

Although with the new Ford Maverick sound system, this doesn’t seem to quite be the case. Charlie took a drive to perform this 2022 Ford Maverick audio test and found the new Maverick to be impressive for such a budget system which earned it a B compared to other cars in its price bracket. Overall, the new Ford Maverick sound system earned a D+ score. A fun fact about the new Maverick is the six-speaker system sports a pair of speakers in the C-pillar next to what would be the ears of rear passengers.

Just like the rest of the truck, the sound system is very basic and doesn’t have much more than just your normal treble, midrange, base, balance, and fade tuning settings. Unfortunately on the XL trim we tested there was no XM radio. Other inputs come in as AM/FM radio, bluetooth, USB-A and C ports, and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility. Altogether, that’s all anyone really needs in a new vehicle.

This is one surprising new truck for reasons that are anything but truck reasons. This 2022 Ford Maverick sound test left us satisfied with its performance not only for the price bracket but for its quality at that budget price. Once again, the new Ford Maverick proves to be the perfect choice for any automotive buyer! If you’re interested in what kind of 2022 Ford Maverick MPG we achieved on the highway while we were rocking out during our Ford Maverick audio test, read about our findings! Don’t worry, we also test the Ford Maverick Hybrid MPG.

Watch Our 2022 Ford Maverick Audio Test:

How We Test the Ford Maverick Speakers:

We take audio systems seriously here at Daily Motor. That’s why we take every vehicle, from a Ford Maverick to supercars like the McLaren 570S, and put them through our rigorous audio-system testing. We use the same lossless, uncompressed WAV audio files on a USB drive plugged into the audio system so that every radio we test starts from the same baseline. To provide a realistic example for the sound experience, we record with high-quality binaural microphones. We test every system with their sound settings set to their factory defaults, because that’s how the radio’s engineers designed it to sound, but we test all the sound settings on many different genres of music before shooting the reviews. After demonstrating the sound settings, adjustments, inputs, speaker locations, and Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay functionality, we head out on the road to listen to our sample tracks at highway speeds. Most cars can sound great while stationary, but road, wind, and engine noise can deteriorate music fidelity. At the end of the test, we give an objective rating based on audio quality and overall system usage as well as a subjective rating factoring in vehicle attributes and price.

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